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Multimedia Narrative Path

poseidon statue found in the blue grotto capri

Multimedia Narrative Path

The Multimedia Narrative Path presents the Blue Grotto with its history: the statues that are kept at the Museum were found right inside the cave.

This is Digital Storytelling or a Narrative realized with digital tools (web apps, webware) and consists in organizing selected content from the web in a coherent system, governed by a narrative structure, in order to obtain an effective story made up of multiple elements of various formats (video, audio, images, text, maps, etc.).

Characteristics of this communicative type are:

  • Fascination: deriving from the fabulatory character that stories possess, since they are, fundamentally, tales;
  • The richness and variety of stimuli and meanings: resulting from the high density of information and the amalgam of codes, formats, events, characters, information, which interact with each other through multiple paths and different analogical relationships. It is therefore a form of storytelling particularly suitable for forms of communication such as those of journalism, politics, marketing, autobiography and therefore also in cultural tourism.

Fascination is the strength of storytelling in the cultural sphere, whether proposing content to users in the form of digital stories, or creating such stories through web applications dedicated to that purpose.

This stems from several factors:

  • The highly rewarding nature of a narrative approach
  • The fact that it offers easier access to abstract and complex concepts, as Plato, who made extensive use of myths (tales) in his dialogues, knew well
  • The ability of the narrative mechanism, supported by multimedia elements, to generate hermeneutic-interpretive processes and meaningful conceptual correlations.
  • The ease of memorization of the story on the cognitive level just right as an aid to those who will act as guides in the museum tours
  • Suitable for all ages

All of this skillfully presented and managed by volunteers from La Sciuscella cooperative.

Art Gallery

framed painting of people on a boat in capri

The Art Gallery section of the Red House holds two collections of paintings: the first called "The Lights of the Mediterranean", the second called "The Painted Island." The "Lights of the Mediterranean" collection contains only works by Milanese artist Carlo Perindani (1899-1986), whose family kindly donated to our facility. The "The Painted Island" collection includes works by various artists, both foreign and Italian, purchased by the City of Anacapri over the years.

The Knowledge Corner

handmade earrings

It is a true and proper column. It is a section aimed at making dynamic and always different the proposal of the Museum La Casa Rossa that expands its tourist-cultural offer, making it always unique and attractive. In this corner will alternate artists from the world of creative culture and music, craftsmen from the ancient expertise to the most innovative that will give guests interesting moments and insights with exhibitions, workshops and presentations that will alternate with tasty appetizers.

Are you an artist or a craftsman?

handmade earrings

You represent an indispensable resource for our island. The culture and the "craft" are slowly disappearing with the advent of industrialization, and you are the few to preserve this priceless knowledge. We would be delighted to collaborate and provide a place to spread your knowledge in our "Corner of Knowledge". Use the form below to contact us!

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